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We can help your Buyers and Sellers achieve their home ownership dreams with financing for Manufactured and Mobile Homes

The foundation of First Pacific Financial’s success is its partnership with California Real Estate Professionals. First Pacific Financial understands sales of existing (Pre-Owned/Used) Manufactured and Mobile Homes offer buyers an affordable path to home ownership. The affordability of existing (Pre-Owned/Used) Manufactured and Mobile Homes combined with their overall value is driving buyers, in large numbers, to this home ownership option. The challenge for Real Estate Professionals and their Manufactured and Mobile Home Buyers has always been financing. First Pacific Financial takes that challenge head on by specializing in financing for Manufactured and Mobile Homes and by being Manufactured and Mobile Home industry experts. First Pacific Financial is constantly seeking out and establishing relationships with like-minded investors that see the value of Manufactured and Mobile Home Buyers and their purchase business.

financing for Manufactured and Mobile Homes

First Pacific Financial is committed to always offering a wide range of Manufactured and Mobile Home financing products and programs to meet each Buyers unique need. First Pacific Financial is able to provide Buyers a personalized financing solution that accomplishes their specific financial goals while at the same time enriching their relationship with their chosen Real Estate Professional. First Pacific Financial realizes the importance of accommodating the needs of the Buyer, Seller, and their Real Estate Professionals in every transaction. First Pacific Financial is devoted to providing Real Estate Professionals and their Buyers exceptional service from pre-approval to closing. First Pacific Financial delivers great products, programs, and financing for Manufactured and Mobile Homes. We offer superior service with a smooth and efficient loan process free of hassles and surprises. At First Pacific Financial clear and prompt communication via phone, fax, and email, with everyone involved in the transaction, is the standard. Real Estate Professionals can be confident First Pacific Financial is specifically qualified to assist with their Buyer’s Manufactured and Mobile Home Financing.

Flyer-example-2015Loan Comparison Flyers

Have a Listing for a Manufactured Home in a park? Let First Pacific Financial provide you with a listing-specific Loan Comparison Flyer.

First Pacific Financial will create a Loan Comparison Flyer, for your “in-park” listing (Loan Comparison Flyers not available for “home on land” listings), that includes up to 15 different loan scenarios broken down by Buyer credit score and down payment.

Loan Comparison Flyer Examples:

First Pacific Financial will email you a .pdf version of the Loan Comparison Flyer that you can use in the marketing of your listing.

Just email a link to your listing and photo(s) to

First Pacific Financial is usually able to have the listing specific Loan Comparison Flyer back to you within 48 hours.